Diane Metivier-Hart is an insightful and inspirational speaker. Through her unique approach, she enthusiastically engages audiences by encouraging each individual to reflect on what’s important to them and how to enhance their personal and professional lives to make both thrive by evaluating and assessing their priorities. Through delightful and interactive presentations, Diane illuminates hearts and minds from the platform. She inspires everyone to realize that adversity can be overcome and that you can do better than just survive – you can thrive!

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 5 Secrets for Surviving a Disaster

Sooner or later tragedy, in the form of an accident, sickness, or death, enters everyone’s life and life as we know it can change in a moment. External security is illusionary. We don’t always have control of our outcomes in life but the way we respond physically, emotionally and spiritually can make all the difference. In this presentation, Diane looks back at her survival from being buried alive in a sudden massive landslide and shares the mindset which saved her life. As a registered nurse she grew to believe in the interaction of body, mind and spirit as a whole. She will share in a unique way how physical preparedness, mental control over emotions and spiritual strength can prepare you for the disasters which unexpectedly enter your life. Tragedy can be a passage in one’s life leading to a greater purpose and strength. Diane shares her wisdom from this experience to give others a sense of control when there seems to be none. It’s not about a perfect life, but rather our attitude towards our life’s experiences that determines one’s happiness.

  • Physical preparedness ensures you have what you need when you have to think quickly
  • Strength is seeded in your mindset, positive attitude and the creation of a feeling of control
  • Spiritual intuition, being in the now, and connecting with your faith puts you in harmony with what’s happening around you
  • Surrender and acceptance allows one to find peace amidst the loss
  • Find your purpose by acknowledging that life is not perfect but what happens to you is perfect and on purpose

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The Priorities of Life: How to Be At Peace in the Moment

Chaos, catastrophe and everyday life can sometimes get the best of us when we least expect it. Many people feel unclear about how to handle their present situation and how to tap into their faith. They feel unsure about how to simply enjoy the moments they’re living right now. In this presentation, Diane Metivier-Hart shares how her faith and reliance on Spiritual guidance calmed her and provided a sense of inner peace when she was buried alive in a massive landslide while in her home when she lived in a little seaside village on the California coast. While buried 30 feet deep for 4 ½ hours with a 2 foot by 2 foot airspace, she was able to reach a place where it didn’t matter whether she lived or died. Diane talks about Faith (inner spiritual guidance), Love (sharing), and Experience (self-fulfillment) as being the priorities of life. She encourages audiences everywhere to tap into their sacred place where everything is in perfect order and is the way it is supposed to be.

  • Tap into your higher power — whatever that means to you
  • Find peace of being through surrendered action
  • Being at peace in the moment: be surprised by the perfect outcome
  • When all physical power is gone, the only power left is spiritual
  • Develop intuition: you cannot lose what you are
  • The importance of a purposeful life: fulfill your spiritual purpose from which pure joy emanates
  • Achieving Joy: discover happiness in any event and during verbal interactions with others

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Experience Your Life: 5 Ways to Find Peace and Contentment By Living in the Now

Many people say their days fly by and they hardly know where they’ve gone or what they’ve done. When life becomes a blur, it passes us by and we’re left wondering what we experienced, if anything at all. In this presentation, Diane Metivier-Hart shares the personal wisdom she gained about living in the now when she was suddenly buried alive in a massive landslide. She speaks of appreciating the earth, the people in your life and letting go of the past. The only reality is now! Enjoy the simple things, like the sound of rain or the wind, the beauty of the mountains and oceans. Marvel at the changes of nature and never take one moment for granted. When you cannot enjoy what is happening, she helps others to at least accept it as something you have to do for now. Diane encourages audiences everywhere to take time to feel pleasure, fright, sadness and happiness by immersing yourself in life.

  • External security is illusory: live with uncertainty and let it lead to new possibilities
  • Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so
  • Accept for now that this is the situation; change is inevitable
  • Be alone without being lonely: feel the sense and peace of your “being”
  • Never take your life here on this wondrous earth for granted

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Embrace Change: Letting Go of Losses and Moving Forward

Sometimes we choose the changes in our lives, while other times life forces us to change. Changing events can be either sudden or they may gradually happen over time. Growing pains are not just for the young but continue throughout our lives. In this presentation, Diane Metivier-Hart talks about how she handled the sudden change she experienced on January 10, 2005, when she was buried alive, while in her home, in the largest mountain landslide in U.S. history. Discover how Diane aligned her priorities of life, let go of losses and moved forward. She inspires audiences to face the changes in their lives with enthusiasm and helps them to recognize that the lack of change isn’t necessarily a good thing. Diane will teach participants how to watch the miracles unfold in their lives when they accept and embrace the changes that come from living.

  • The only constant in life is change; nothing is forever in life.
  • All of existence changes including the stars above and the earth below us.
  • Life everlasting is fueled by change.
  • Change means movement; movement means friction; friction is the discomfort of change.
  • Difficult times in life bring wonderful gifts.
  • How we think about change determines our life experience.
  • Lack of change is stagnation which can be more miserable than change.

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